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Cub Scout Pack 108 Uniform Information

Essential Items

Your Scout needs:
  • A Blue Shirt. Short Sleeve is best. Buy big: one or two sizes above what he wears now. It's less shirts to buy, and you won't have to transfer patches as soon. It won't look weird having him wear such a big shirt, because all the other kids in his den will be wearing really big shirts too.

  • Pack Number Patches. A red '1', a red '0' and a red '8'

  • A Council Patch. There's a few options, and they change periodically. This one is an example. Just make sure it says "Crossroads Of America" on it, and is shaped like this.

  • A World Crest Patch. Everybody needs one of these, and they're the same for every Cub Scout in America. But for some reason they don't just sew them on at the factory like the American Flag.

  • A Neckerchief. There are different colors for each age! Orange for Tigers (First Grade), Yellow for Wolves (Second Grade), Blue for Bears (Third Grade), and checked for Webelos (Fourth and Fifth Grade). The Scout Store People can help you find what you need.

  • A Neckerchief Slide. There are different colors for each age! The Scout Store People can help you find the one that goes with your Neckerchief.

Highly Recommended

A belt is really good to have. The boys will be earning belt loop awards, and its good if they have a belt to put them on.

The Rest

Socks, pants, hats, etc. are all fun to have, but you can get by without them. Most Cub Scouts wear blue jeans with their Scout shirt.

Financial Assistance

The essential uniform parts will be about $50. If your family can't afford to buy these items within a month or so after your boy joins the pack, then consider the Uniform Assistance Program. It provides the essential parts for $15. You can get a form here.. You must have been active with the Pack for a month, or earned a badge such as Bobcat. The form must be signed by the Parent and the Cubmaster or Den Leader. If you cannot afford the $15, then talk to the Cubmaster (Jon Broadwell). We will find a way to get your boy a uniform.

Where to Buy

You can get everything your Scout needs at the Scout Store at the Crossroads of America office. It's on Shadeland just off of 465 on the east side of Indianapolis:

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The Cubmaster, Committee Chair and others go up there almost constantly, so if you need us to pick you something up, just ask. But go there if you can; there's lots of cool stuff to look at, and the people are really, really nice.