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Pack 108 Inventory, as of May 2013

These are items owned by the Pack, and are property of the charter organization. Unless otherwise listed, these items are at Mr. Broadwell's house. These items were either bought with Pack funds, or were donated. Some transitional items, such as Books purchased for distribution or unawarded awards are not listed.

2 pinewood books
sand paper, a few sheets 120, 220 grit
blank design templates, a couple dozen.
3 foam brushes
Generic Pinewood kits, 4 complete, 1 partial
steel weights, approx 10 oz
Derbyworx pro body tool II
Derbyworx pro axle guide
derbyworx pro hub tool
derbyworx pro axel press II
derbyworx pro wheel mandrel
Pinewood Derby Track (in Scout Closet at Holy Name)
Pinewood Derby Toolbox (in Scout Closet at Holy Name)
Raingutter Regatta Track (untested) (in Scout Closet at Holy Name)
12 chess sets and boards, spare pieces, plus checkers
Sponges, for wet sponge games (Mrs. Laker's house)
Pillow Cases, for sack races (Mrs. Laker's house)
First Aid Kit (Mr. Broadwell's Car)
Promotional flyers (15), pictures (10) and 8x10
5 Popcorn donation jars
12 Acrylic 8x10 (not 8 1/2x11) frames
2 11x17 laminated popcorn signs
1 inexpensive American Flag
1 Indiana State Flag
20 Pack Magnets
1 Package Earplugs
6 Lowes Madagascar 3 Truck Kits
11 Serving Spoons / Slotted / Spatula
Approx 25 each clear spoons,knives,forks
80 9oz cups
100 nice napkins
Additional flatware, probably 40 knives, 25 spoons
Approx 50 9" foam plates
3 one-inch binders, good for Tiger Cub Scrapbooks
4 inexpensive clip boards.
6 two-by-two foot Vinyl Pack Signs.
1 5-foot full color Pack Sign with logo
1 6-foot High Contrast Pack Sign with Web Site
1 Arrow of Light Flag, no pole
1 Wolf Flag, no pole
1 Den 2 (Bear) den flag ornaments
1 Youth Large Shirt
2 Wolf Hat
3 Wolf NeckerChiefs
4 Bear Neckerchiefs
3 Tiger NeckerChiefs
1 28inch belt, new, Vintage Brass
3 Bear Neckrchiefs, new
1 Wolf Hat, new
1 Webelos Hat, new
3 Wolf Scarf, new
3 Wolf Slides (current)
1 Wolf Slide (vintage blue)
1 Bear Slide
1 Webelos Slide
T Shirts:
1 youth small
2 Youth xl
5 youth M
1 Adult 3xl
1 Adult 2xl
6 Adult xl
1 Adult L
1 Promotional Class B stuffed tiger