Pack 108 constructed a scale map of Beech Grove using Paper Towels as major roads. Each Towel represents 400 feet. The boys then drew their houses on lunch bags, and placed them in the right location. Finally, each boy got a Google Maps picture of a major Beech Grove Landmark, and put it in the proper place. With the map complete, the boys did a scavenger hunt of the landmarks. We also presented awards, and learned about maps, latitude and longitude, and other geography basics.

dsc_7416_small.jpg dsc_7417_small.jpg dsc_7418_small.jpg dsc_7419_small.jpg
dsc_7420_small.jpg dsc_7421_small.jpg dsc_7422_small.jpg dsc_7423_small.jpg
dsc_7424_small.jpg dsc_7425_small.jpg dsc_7426_small.jpg dsc_7427_small.jpg
dsc_7428_small.jpg dsc_7429_small.jpg dsc_7430_small.jpg dsc_7431_small.jpg
dsc_7432_small.jpg dsc_7433_small.jpg dsc_7434_small.jpg dsc_7435_small.jpg
dsc_7436_small.jpg dsc_7437_small.jpg dsc_7438_small.jpg dsc_7439_small.jpg
dsc_7440_small.jpg dsc_7441_small.jpg dsc_7442_small.jpg dsc_7443_small.jpg
dsc_7444_small.jpg amtrack_small.jpg baptistchurch_small.jpg beechgrove_small.jpg
bgbowlfirearms_small.jpg bghs_small.jpg bgms_small.jpg burgerking_small.jpg
central_small.jpg cityhall_small.jpg cvs_small.jpg fleamarket_small.jpg
greattimes_small.jpg hartmanpark_small.jpg hermitage_small.jpg holyname_small.jpg
hornetpark_small.jpg library_small.jpg loweswalmart_small.jpg marsh_small.jpg
mcdonalds_small.jpg meatmarket_small.jpg motel6_small.jpg policefire_small.jpg
sarahtbolton_small.jpg southgrove_small.jpg stfrancis_small.jpg track_small.jpg

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